After the KickStarter

The kickstarter is over and it was a resounding success. I still can’t believe it went over 2.500.000$. That is insane.

Here is what people are saying all over the internet:

Blain Pardoe, prolific BattleTech fiction writter
‘The Year is 3050.  The time is, “Blow-shit-up o’clock”  Let’s rock! ‘

The BattleTech State blog
‘This is BattleTech standing on top of a mountain peak and screaming, “I’M BACK!!!”


What the future holds for BattleTech as of August 2019

PDF edition are already published but we are waiting for the print books of:
-House Arano
-Alpha Strike: Commander Edition
-TRO: Clan Invasion
-Reprints of the two boxes (“Beginner Set” and “A Game of Armored Combat”)

Future releases:
-The new reprint of the TechManual
-IlClan, the sourcebook detailing the fall of Terra to Clans.
-MechWarrior: Destiny RPG (a rules light, story driven RPG system)
-Tactical Operations reprint (which will be split into two volumes)

Non BattleTech, future releases:
Leviathans, steampunk flying warships in 1918, second print
-Shadowrun 6th edition

Greetings, come into my office and we’ll talk business

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