DFA Campaign System

I stumbled upon DFA’s campaign system recently. I am always looking for ‘houseruled’ Chaos Campaign systems in an never ending effort to pick and mix rules in order to create my own homebrewed version of Chaos Campaign.

DFA’s campaign system has namy interesting choices, most of which I ended up liking.

The DFA’s campaign system pdf can be found here: http://dfawargaming.com/downloads.html

Interesting stuff that unfortunately cannot by used in my own version.
1. SP is a fixed (and always depleting resource). This works well in their competitive and close ended campaign, but will just not work in my version of open ended (slightly) competitive campaign system. I also like the original complexity of WP/SP usage.

2. Mission escalation and scoring of Objective Points. Since I am using official tracks (picked from various sources) in my campaign, there is no need to use mission escalation (tracks have optional rules that give advantages/disadvantages to players. Same thing goes for Objective Points. The tracks I use offer additional Optional Objectives that give an extra WP payout if you managed to complete them.

3. Battlefield salvage does not take under consideration who is controlling the battlefield at mission end. Perhaps it works for their kind of game, but in the campaigns I play, a victor that manages to escape (in a pursuit scenario) would never be able to get salvage since he is not controlling the battlefield at game end. Which kind of makes sense.

Stuff that I am definitely including in my own system
1. DFA’s system does not consider internal damage to 3 limbs substantial enough to warrant Force Withdrawal. This is something I completely agree (and have even recently seen happen in a match I was playing). Only after reading the DFA’s system (and note) did it occur to me that perhaps this rule was excessive.

2. Auto-Ejection. DFA’s rule that a pilot will abandon a unit that has no way of getting up (or is severely handicapped) is definitely spot on and seems like an obvious choice. It speeds things up considerably.

3. Repair critical hits, or internal damage causes the unit to not be able to participate in the next mission. In fact I have been using this rule too all along, but it adds another layer or book-keeping, having to remember which units took part in the previous battle. It seems trivial but if you are not playing games regularly it becomes a chore to keep track of stuff like this.

All in all a very well written campaign, and stunning to look at. Whoever wrote it, has an experience in layout and editing. Recommended reading (CGL should take notes).

After the KickStarter

The kickstarter is over and it was a resounding success. I still can’t believe it went over 2.500.000$. That is insane.

Here is what people are saying all over the internet:

Blain Pardoe, prolific BattleTech fiction writter
‘The Year is 3050.  The time is, “Blow-shit-up o’clock”  Let’s rock! ‘

The BattleTech State blog
‘This is BattleTech standing on top of a mountain peak and screaming, “I’M BACK!!!”

What the future holds for BattleTech as of August 2019

PDF edition are already published but we are waiting for the print books of:
-House Arano
-Alpha Strike: Commander Edition
-TRO: Clan Invasion
-Reprints of the two boxes (“Beginner Set” and “A Game of Armored Combat”)

Future releases:
-The new reprint of the TechManual
-IlClan, the sourcebook detailing the fall of Terra to Clans.
-MechWarrior: Destiny RPG (a rules light, story driven RPG system)
-Tactical Operations reprint (which will be split into two volumes)

Non BattleTech, future releases:
Leviathans, steampunk flying warships in 1918, second print
-Shadowrun 6th edition

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